About Us

Hello!! My name is Missy Lyles, and I am the owner of the online women’s clothing store, Heavenly Boutique. I am the wife of the MVH (Most Valuable Husband) in America, Leonard L. Lyles Jr., the mother of two handsome sons, and the grandmother of two adorable granddaughters. I am also the Pastor and Co-Founder of Real Talk Christian Ministries.

Heavenly Boutique was pre-launched in late March of 2019 through Facebook. Why? Heavenly Boutique came by way of a vision from the Lord. He instructed me to open an online boutique that would make shopping, easy, fun, affordable and satisfying to women of all heights, sizes, and shapes. I am so happy that I was disciplined enough to hear and obey the voice of Lord!  I am committed and motivated to create an experience for Fashion lovers, in helping them find that outfit that would put a smile on their faces. 

Due to our loyal Facebook customers, future customers, friends, family, and the increase in sales, we obligated to build a website that would meet the shipping and shopping demands of our clients. So we decided to launch our website in October of 2019.

So there you are…..know you know who I am, hopefully you will allow me to get to know you and assist you in meeting your fashion needs!!

God Bless,

Missy Lyles

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